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Establishment of electroencephalogram measurement and sleep evaluation and creation of sleep-scoring system

Normally, we must analyze a lot of data such as brain wave, eye movement, electromyogram (EMG), breathing and snoring with major devices and many electrodes to measure sleep stages in hospitals. However, we have previously established a sleep-scoring system for animals by using an EEG / EEG system with only two electrodes. Based on this unique technology, we developed a device and sleep-scoring system for measuring the EEG in homes or while traveling. We invented and applied for a patent of a simple method for measuring quality of sleep without using special facilities or equipment which builds on our sleep-scoring system in animals based on analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG).

This device is the world’s smallest portable electroencephalograph. It weighs only 60 grams, easy-to-wear and does not bring an uncomfortable feeling. It can be used daily and evaluate the quality of each person’s sleep easily, so they can detect intrinsic sleep problems as they occur in the early stages of mental diseases such as depression. In this year, we have started a collaboration research with National Institute of Polar Research (NiPR) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Our device was used by the members of the 50th Antarctic observation team to evaluate an effect of a long-stay in the Polar Regions on their psychological implication and their biological rhythm. It will go on in the next year with the 51st Antarctic observation team.

This device and sleep scoring system will make it possible to improve the sleeping quality and environment of the people and to prevent traffic accidents and, eventually, improve their mental health. It is hoped that this will help to improve people’s QOL (quality to life).


“Sleep concert” hosted by Japanese Society of Sleep Research was held at Osaka City Central Public Hall (Osaka-shi Chuo Kokaido) on October 25, 2009. At this concert, the audience was allowed falling asleep so that we performed the sleep scoring by the device we developed.


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